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Welcome To Cult Medical Aesthetics

Cult Medical Aesthetics, Nampa, Idaho’s premier destination for a redefined beauty experience. We take pride in offering a diverse range of beauty services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our rejuvenating fillers & injectables enhance your natural beauty, our precision hair removal leaves skin silky-smooth, our transformative micro needling revitalizes your complexion, and our advanced laser tattoo removal ensures a fresh canvas for self-expression. Each service is meticulously curated to provide results that exceed expectations, leaving you feeling confident and radiant

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About Cult Medical Aesthetics

Our story is one of passion and dedication to redefining beauty. Nestled in the heart of Nampa, Cult Medical Aesthetics is more than a med spa; it's an experience. Our commitment to longer appointment times and personalized care ensures that every visit is special. Step into a world where beauty is not just enhanced but celebrated. Melissa's 15 years of expertise shape a space where clients are more than appointments; they are valued members of a beauty community. Join us as we redefine beauty together, one personalized experience at a time.

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Why Choose Cult Medical Aesthetics

Choosing Cult Medical Aesthetics means choosing a beauty experience that revolves around you. Our approach goes beyond aesthetics; it's about crafting an experience that makes you feel seen, valued, and beautiful. Whether you're here for fillers & injectables, hair removal, microneedling, or laser tattoo removal, our focus on intimate care and individualized attention sets us apart.

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What our customers are saying


Melissa is beyond knowledgeable and knows exactly what you might need to have done.She takes her time and explains the chosen procedures. Melissa is so beautiful on the inside and out! You can feel comfortable in her care. She is seriously the best, you walk away feeling like a million bucks! She takes years off of your face within moments. She is a priceless gem, so grateful to be her patient.


I've been getting my lips done by Melissa for a few years now, and I wouldn't go to anyone else! She kills it every time and always listens to my vision and goals. I love that her technique leaves me with less bruising and a much more defined pout. Its refreshing to find a truly skilled injector that actually listens to what I want, instead of just thinking of me as a price tag. Thanks for everything Melissa! Beauty Cult member for life!

Embark on a beautiful experience that transcends the ordinary.

Cult Medical Aesthetics is not just a destination; it's a celebration of your unique beauty. Schedule your service today!

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